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Cut To Size

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Cut to size is a boon to all larger size projects, for the architects and designers, to the project managers and owners.  Rather than buy only what can be found in a local market, cut to size allows for custom sizes in most any stone, and some manmade materials, with several advantages. It is the singe best material ordering option that will allow for all trades involved in a project to have the concerns of their responsibility met.  Architects and designers will have material made as per their specification. The contractor will have fully inspected, ready to use, quality material, which often speeds installation. As this option will only ship from the factory in containers from overseas, it is for larger quantities only.

Whether the specification calls for limestone cladding, custom marble tile flooring or an onyx glass press, the cut to size option gives the architects and designers the Snow White Processingaesthetic they are seeking, but also typically allows for lower overall costs than using standard material for the project manager and property owner. When using locally available material, if even available, a project would incur the cost of waste and higher labor costs. When material is processed at the factory, there are several advantages. The factory works in their medium every day and is skilled in doing so. When material is shipped, it is ready to use for the intended project, so little to no waste is shipped, and often labor costs are less. The range of material available at a local site will pale in comparison to what is available at a factory, so not only are quantities that can be supplied greater, but there can be better quality control.

Cut to size allows architects and designers the freedom to use materials in more creative ways choosing custom dimensions, shapes and finishes adding distinctiveness of their work.  In addition, cut to size material arrives ready to use install and with little to no work being needed, the installations typically are quicker and the results are often better.

Why Cut To Size?

More control over material

Better purchasing value

Greater number of design options

Installations are typically faster,  results often better

For a cut to size project, you can contact us in Los Angeles or Eskandari Stone International in China.

Keys To Cut To Size: Service, Quality and Logistics

Eskandari Stone has employees or agents on site in Europe, South America, the Middle East and the Far East, all experienced in the stone trade, from picking blocks to inspecting factory work on custom orders.


We offer consultations for cut to size projects at reasonable fees that are refunded against any order. We can work with you to discuss a variety of aspects about your project and help you to determine the best options for you. While there are many factors that can affect suitability, we have a great deal of experience and can advice what materials to use, which to avoid, limitations for the application and possible issues or problems.

If you have a cut to size project you would like to talk to us about, please contact us for a free consultation.