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Marble Slabs

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Marble is a natural stone that has been used for centuries in both sculpting and as building materials.  The beauty of marble is renowned throughout the world.  Many of the great buildings of the world were constructed of marble.  The Taj Mahal is one building that is made out of white marble.  In the building trades marble slabs are most commonly used for vanity tops, table tops, tub decks, furniture tops, slab showers and in some cases, kitchen countertops. Make your Kitchen, flooring and bathroom look grand with cut to size marble tile, marble flooring & marble backsplash. Bring the beauty of nature into your home and enhance your tile designs with natural stone tiles and stone slabs.

Marble countertops show a depth of color and movement that is just not found in other stone materials.  Marble is high in calcium carbonate, which means that it will hold up well in lower traffic areas, which generally excludes kitchen areas. Still marble is used to make kitchen countertops.  Kitchen countertops made from marble require a tradeoff of beauty for durability.   Marble slabs are softer then granite but marble slabs are by no means fragile.  They are not as durable as granite countertops.  Like wood floors, marble countertops can be refinished should it become necessary. We carry marble slabs from all across the world.  Our inventory comes from Italy, Spain and Greece, Namibia and Afghanistan as well as other exotic locations.

Please note our inventory of marble slabs changes daily. There are also many options to match your marble slabs to our selection of marble tileCut to size and other custom options are available in all of our materials for the building, design and architecture trades. You can also have a look at our unique limestone collection. For more information, such as current stock, slab pricing or an estimate for installation cost of your marble countertops, please contact us.

Viewing Marble Slabs

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